You Deserve An Estate Plan As Unique As You

What Sets Us Apart

When you are looking for legal guidance to help you with your estate planning needs, choosing a lawyer can seem confusing. They may all seem the same, but not all lawyers are equal in knowledge, attitude, and dedication to taking care of you and your family. A lawyer with almost 30 years of experience can make sure the process goes smoothly and she can protect your best interests.

The legal guidance and attention to detail an attorney provides while preparing your estate planning strategy and documents will define the quality and security of your estate plan. Many families in Texas have chosen to work with Marla Mundheim and her legal team because of her extensive experience and reputation for putting her clients’ goals first.

We are attorneys Marla and Paul Mundheim, and we founded The M Firm to serve the Colleyville community as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  We are committed to helping our neighbors prepare for the future. Marla knows the importance of having an estate plan in place your family can depend on when you are no longer there to protect them. She will help you address and resolve your estate planning needs by truly listening to your concerns and devising an estate plan uniquely suited to protect you and your family.

Legacy Interview For Your Family

The Mundheim Firm believes so strongly that estate planning goes beyond just distributing money, homes, and belongings, that they offer an optional Legacy Interview to each client upon completion of their estate plan. The interview is recorded either via audio or video and allows the client an opportunity to talk about their values and pass along ideas to their family that are important to them.

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  • Kyle Deaton, Document Preparation Team Manager (Real Estate)
  • Melissa White, Paralegal
  • Roseann Smith, Paralegal
  • Martha Mayes, Receptionist

Our Dedication To Our Clients

When we help clients with their estate planning needs, we use the full extent of our legal knowledge and skills, including our experience with real estate and business law and our extensive experience in estate planning.

One of the keys to our success is our understanding that every estate plan needs to be custom-tailored to the individual needs of the person creating the estate plan. We take the time to gather all the necessary information our clients have to offer before developing a plan they can count on. We account for the goals, hopes and backgrounds of our clients, so we can develop a strategy that truly reflects their values and wishes.

We view estate planning as one of the most important gifts our clients can give to themselves and their families We will help you create a plan to protect your wishes while also providing guidance for your loved ones and minimizing the opportunity for anyone to contest the will and interfere with your plans.

Building A Personalized Plan For You

Ensure your estate planning attorney represents your best interests throughout your estate planning process, by reaching out to our office today. Call us at 817-479-0076 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation to meet with our Colleyville estate planning attorneys and develop a plan for your future.