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Understanding The Real Estate And Title Industry In Texas

Attorney Paul Mundheim has extensive experience in real estate matters. He started as a Commercial Abstractor with Fidelity’s Title Plant in 1997. He held various positions with Fidelity, including Examiner, Chief Title Officer, and In-House Counsel. In 2000 he went to work as Attorney for a real estate group that owned Title, Real Estate, and Mortgage companies.

In 2002, he opened his first Attorney Fee office for Fidelity National Title under PBM Law. He was consistently a top 5 Fee Attorney Office in the Metroplex, and grew that business to have multiple offices concentrated in different types of real estate transactions. He handled re-finance and multi-state REO/Foreclosures with a volume averaging 150-200 files per month. He has worked as a Trustee in Dallas and Tarrant Counties, and handled clearing Title both prior to and after foreclosure.

In 2012, he became Vice-President Managing Texas Title Operations for Servicelink, and in 2013, under the Mundheim Firm, PLLC, he opened Fee Attorney Offices for Alamo Title, where he ran the #1 Fee Attorney Office every year, opening five offices in the Metroplex, until closing them down to focus on other areas.

Currently, Paul teaches MCE Classes for Realtors, and holds the Foreclosure Field Trip each month, where he teaches those interested about buying foreclosure properties. He also oversees document preparation for real estate closings. Contact attorney Mundheim for your real estate needs.

Helping Small Businesses Succeed

As a small business owner, you likely have your hands full keeping your business successful and stable. While juggling the logistics of maintaining business supplies, employee needs, contract obligations and other responsibilities, you may have very little opportunity to sort out legal issues.

At The M Firm, we are experienced attorneys offering our legal services to the benefit of businesses throughout the Colleyville area. We are fluent in Texas business law, and our knowledge of every corner of these laws can help your business throughout its legal needs.

Thorough And Committed Representation

We are deeply proud to offer businesses assistance with their legal needs. From the beginning of your business to its end, we are committed to being your business law attorneys through the entire life of your company. Our team can offer you guidance through challenges such as:

  • LLC and other business formations
  • Real estate issues
  • Contract drafting, review and modifications
  • Asset protection
  • Guidance through all stages of development and transaction

As business formation attorneys, we take the time to learn about the unique needs of your business before creating a plan that you can count on throughout the life of your business. Our goal as your legal representation is to avoid potential legal issues on the horizon while resolving the problems that arise as quickly as possible.

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